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Subie Adventures

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What People Are Saying

“I swear these newsletters just get better every darn time! SUCH valuable content I am so glad to be along for this ride!”


“One of my favorite parts of the Subie Adventures newsletter is the Adventurer Spotlight. I like them because they give inspiration for possible things I can do or put on my Subie.”


“It's a great way to support other Subaru enthusiasts as well as seeing the various builds and the story behind the Subaru and its owner! ”


“I’m a pretty new subscriber, but I am already enjoying receiving the Spotlights. It’s great to read how folks chose the design and build for their Subies. The only other opportunity I have to do so is on Instagram which can be pretty intimidating as a smaller account.”


“I really enjoy the newsletter for the Adventurer Spotlight, but also because there is information shared about what is going on with Subaru, such as new model releases, pricing, and more. You can also find information about upcoming events in certain issues. I especially like and am thankful for the Subie & YOU! Podcast rewind.”