Adventurer Spotlight #1


Welcome to the Adventurer Spotlight, an interview series with Adventurers from my newsletter about their life with their Subaru. Here, we find out more about the person behind the wheel and get inspired to embark on new adventures.

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👋 Introduction

Hey! My name is Shane, on Instagram, and I’m a former marketing exec working as the Operations Coordinator for an area non-profit.

🚗 Which Subaru do you own? What do you like most about it?

The PYP Dad Wagon is a 2021 Crosstrek in Plasma Yellow Pearl. The thing that I love about the Crosstrek is how inviting it is to make modifications. It’s a great “blank canvas” to build from.


Why did you choose a Subaru? How many have you owned?

My Crosstrek is the first Subaru I have owned. I’ve always admired Subaru from a distance. Coming from a 20 year old Jeep, I wanted something reliable, safe, and fuel efficient, but still rugged enough to take me on the trips our family loves. Subaru checked all of the boxes.

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🔧 Have you made any modifications?

Like most, I told myself I was going to keep my car stock. One year later, I’ve added a host of modifications, mostly cosmetic, but the biggest coming most recently was my Method MR502 wheels with Falken Wildpeak tires. I really love making my Crosstrek my own. You know it’s me as soon as you see the car.

➕ What would you like to add to your setup?

The next modification I am eyeing up is a 1.5” lift. I love the “beefy” look of a lifted Crosstrek, along with the extra clearance is a big plus. I’ll be looking to add a lift this winter or in the spring, so stay tuned!

🗺️ Favorite road trip? Or favorite thing to do in your Subaru?

My Crosstrek has yet to see a proper road trip, but it’s seen a lot of hours on the road as we travel to our area’s creeks and lakes to kayak, run trails through the mountains, and visit local breweries. It’s such a fun and easy car to trip, it’s become our go-to vehicle when we leave the house.

🥰 What’s your favorite picture of your car?

My favorite picture is from when we took the Crosstrek to the lake for the first time. We drove to the edge of the lake away from the parking lot and people and backed in. It was so calm and you could hear the waves, the breeze, the birds chirping. The sun was setting and it just felt like calm. This was the same week I had the new wheels and tires installed, so it’s the perfect picture of my car in its current state in the scenery that best embodies our family.

PYP DAD WAGON's favorite picture.

🎁 Wrap Up

My thanks to Shane for being the very first Spotlight and sharing their Subie story with us! Plasma Yellow Pearl is such a unique and standout color, it looks great, and Shane has done a great job with customizations. Be sure to give Shane a follow on Instagram to keep up with future adventures.

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