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🔥 Adventurer Spotlight #21 with @wildxtrek

Adventurer Spotlight 21 with @wildxtrek

Welcome to the Adventurer Spotlight, an interview series with Adventurers from our newsletter about their life with their Subaru. Here, we learn more about the person behind the wheel and get inspired to embark on new adventures.

Before we get to this month’s feature, I’d like to thank Whitney / @my.homegirl.reese again for being in our previous Spotlight! Remember that all Spotlights are available on, so if you’ve just joined recently, you can read the previous features there. Now, here’s our newest!


My name is Lawrence. I work in IT for a large homebuilder in Canada. My Instagram handle is @wildxtrek. I also have a small collection of YouTube videos on my channel of the same name, @wildxtrek. My YouTube channel is focused on helping others with how-to videos on modifying their car.

Which Subaru do you own? What do you like most about it?

I have a 2024 Subaru Crosstrek Wilderness. There’s so much to like about this car! Initially I bought it because it was the goldilocks size for me; not too big, not too small. But I really love the way this Crosstrek drives, on and off the road. It has such a great balance of capability and comfort.

Why did you choose a Subaru? How many have you owned?

The Crosstrek Wilderness is my 6th Subaru. But it’s the 14th Subaru in my immediate family. EVERY Subaru I’ve owned has had at least one moment where it left me amazed and surprised about how capable it was in one way or another and put a huge smile on my face.

Have you made any modifications?

My Crosstrek is relatively new, so nothing crazy yet. Most of my modifications have been for convenience and comfort. I have a dash cam, Hella horns and some Diode Dynamics SS3 fog lights. The latter was made possible thanks to Foxbeam Lighting. I was fortunate enough to be selected to do some product testing for them for their new fog light brackets. 

What would you like to add to your setup?

Next on my list is going to be skid plates, tires and possibly a lift. I have a 2 year old daughter and I’m excited to start taking her camping when she gets older. I’m also a bit of a lighting nut, so ditch lights and a trailing light bar are on my list too.

Favorite road trip? Or favorite thing to do in your Subaru?

I’ve only had the Crosstrek for a couple months, so no long road trips yet in this car. But one of my favourite past road trips was a road trip from Toronto, ON to Orlando, FL. Back then I had a modified BRZ. I made a point to go through the Virginia mountains on my way down, and Tail of the Dragon on my way home. The BRZ was such a joy to drive.

Have a favorite picture of your car?

My good friend David (IG @wldr.ness) took this amazing picture of my car the day I got it. We found a small dirt road around the area and the lighting was just perfect, The sun was behind and casted rays in the background. That photo even caught the eye of Subaru Canada and they featured it.

Where would you like to travel to next with the Subie?

I bought a Wilderness, but admittedly I haven’t really used it to its full potential yet. I’d love to take a camping trip with my family out into the middle of no where and spend some time outdoors, off the beaten path.

What, if anything, would you do differently, or change, about your Subie?

I might still be in the honeymoon phase with my Crosstrek Wilderness, I can’t really complain about it. I do wish there was a way of turning the traction control completely off. 

Thank you, Lawrence, for being in the Spotlight and sharing your Subaru story with us! 🙌 This is the first Crosstrek Wilderness we’ve had in a feature and I have to admit the looks have really grown on me. I think they look great, especially this blue!

Check out the photos below and be sure to follow Lawrence on Instagram, at @wildxtrek for more adventures! Be sure to visit his YouTube channel as well.

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🗓️ Subiefest 2024 Dates Announced

Image credit: Subiefest

Subiefest is back for 2024 with events running between June and October.

Wicked Big Meet: The largest Subaru enthusiast festival in America, scheduled for June 2, 2024, at Stafford Motor Speedway, Stafford Springs, CT .

Subiefest California: California’s largest Subaru enthusiast festival, happening on August 4, 2024, at Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, CA .

Boxerfest: The Mid-Atlantic’s largest Subaru enthusiast festival, set for August 18, 2024, at York Fairgrounds, York, PA .

Subiefest Midwest: The Midwest’s largest Subaru enthusiast festival, occurring on September 8, 2024, at Route 66 Raceway, Joliet, IL .

Subiefest Florida: Florida’s largest Subaru enthusiast festival, planned for October 5, 2024, at Daytona International Speedway .

Subiefest Texas: The biggest Subaru enthusiast festival in Texas, scheduled for October 19, 2024, at Lone Star Park, Dallas .

You may have noticed that Big NW isn’t on the list. The event is going on a hiatus due to rising costs.

For more details on each event, including activities, ticket information, and more, visit

🎧 Subie & YOU! Podcast Monthly Rewind

Here's a recap of last month's guests on the show:

Features Brendan discussing his purpose-built Crosstrek, the places he has explored, and his trail companions.

Liam joins the show to talk about his Forester, the story behind its name, and his journey, including the story behind a mask.

Includes interviews with individuals from Make-A-Wish New Jersey and 48 Hours of Tristate, offering insights from the annual event.

Angelo shares his Subaru journey, talks about his 2018 Outback, the modifications he’s chosen, his passion for the Subaru community, and his experiences with Adventure O.N.E.

Remember, you can subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast app, or listen online here. My thanks to Rafael for his ongoing support of the newsletter!

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Warmer days are coming here in the Northern Hemisphere and it’s a great time to grab new shirts for the summer. I have a fine collection of Subie Adventures t-shirts and hoodies available for your consideration. Your support is greatly appreciated!

🤠 News Roundup

DirtFish Rally School just had their 3rd annual DirtFish Women in Motorsport Summit. You can watch the recording of the event right here.

Alex Prestigiacomo has put together a nice video taking a look at the 2025 Forester, including some hidden features.

Subaru earned four 2024 IIHS Top Safety Pick awards for the Ascent, Outback, Solterra, and Impreza.

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