Adventurer Spotlight #5

Featuring @the_adventure_wagon

Welcome to the Adventurer Spotlight, an interview series with Adventurers from my newsletter about their life with their Subaru. Here, we find out more about the person behind the wheel and get inspired to embark on new adventures.

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👋 Introduction

Hi! This is @the_adventure_wagon_ representing the Southeast of Virginia.

🚗 Which Subaru do you own? What do you like most about it?

I own a 2017 Forester 2.5 Premium. What I like most about this vehicle is its all around performance and comfort on and off of the road. I had a 3rd generation 4runner for many years but I sold it when I found out my Forester could take me to the same places my Toyota could. From the deep snow to the soft sand, the_adventure_wagon_ has not let me down.

Black Subaru Forester in the grass with its lights on.

Why did you choose a Subaru? How many have you owned?

I bought my Subaru when I found out I was going to be a dad. I wanted something safe for my family to ride in. This is the first Subaru I have owned and I am hooked for life.

I really want a lift kit!

🔧 Have you made any modifications?

Modification list below:

  • @rallitek_performance engine, transmission, rear differential skid plates

  • @rallitek_performance overload springs

  • @lp_aventure LP1’s 17″ x 7.5″ with +35 offset

  • @coopertire AT3 4s’s 225/65 R17

  • @pedalcommander throttle controller

  • @namelessperformance muffler delete

  • @yakimaracks 66″ round bars, skybox, slimshady awning

  • @rallyarmor mudflaps

  • @rigidarmor spare tire carrier

  • @rotopaxofficial jerry cans

  • @midland MXT 105 with ghost antenna

  • @garmin inreach mini

  • @bigkahunashowers 13 gallon system

  • @rei trailgate sleep platform and vehicle shelter

➕ What would you like to add to your setup?

I really want/need a lift kit! I would love to have the extra ground clearance and increased approach and departure angles.

🗺️ Favorite road trip? Or favorite thing to do in your Subaru?

My two favorite trips would be primitive camping along the Rapidan River in the wildlife management area and driving to Ocracoke Island/Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Both of these trips allow me to test the capabilities of my Forester, falling off the grid, and enjoying time with my family and friends.

🥰 What’s your favorite picture of your car?

My favorite picture of my car would be me pulling the adventure trailer, full of gear, on the soft sand on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

Black Subaru Forester towing trailer along the beach near the water.

🎁 Wrap Up

Thank you Joe for being in the Spotlight and sharing your Subie story with us! Your Forester looks great and you’ve made some great modifications to it so far — I hope you get the lift soon!

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🖼️ Image Gallery

Black Subaru Forester near a body of water in the fall.
Black Subaru Forester driving on a service road in the forest with fallen leaves on the ground.
Black Subaru Forester loaded with cargo on the back for a trip.
Black Subaru Forester on the beach near the water set up for the day.
Black Subaru Forester with an awning attached at a camp site.

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