Adventurer Spotlight #6

Featuring @julius_the_trek

Welcome to the Adventurer Spotlight, an interview series with Adventurers from my newsletter about their life with their Subaru. Here, we find out more about the person behind the wheel and get inspired to embark on new adventures.

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Hello! My name is Steve and my Subie is Julius. (Instagram is @julius_the_trek) I love being in the outdoors when I can, and the Subaru is the perfect vehicle to help with that. I’m a Subaru Ambassador and it’s awesome being able to combine my love for the outdoors, volunteering and cars.

Which Subaru do you own? What do you like most about it?

Julius is a 2018 Premium Crosstrek, 6 speed manual. There are too many things that come to mind as far as things I like about the car. I love that it’s orange and how it looks currently with the lift/ wheels/ tires. It’s capable and fun to drive in snow and off the beaten path. And I really enjoy driving a manual transmission car.

Orange Subaru Crosstrek

Why did you choose a Subaru? How many have you owned?

This is my second Subaru. My first one was a Legacy Wagon in the 90s and that is when I fell in love with the brand. Several friends at college had first generation Outbacks. Going to school in Northern Wisconsin, those cars were phenomenal in the snow, and I knew what my next car had to be.

Have you made any modifications?

Oh yes! I feel like this is something where you’re never done. There is always something to add. The biggest modification would be the 2” lift, AT tires and wheels. I added in a GMRS radio, upgraded lighting, and stickers. Lots of vinyl and stickers.

What would you like to add to your setup?

The next project is to get my full sized spare out of the hatch area. The spare will go on a hitch mounted carrier. I’ve got a 2” hitch to install first, so there are a few steps before I complete my next mod.

Favorite road trip? Or favorite thing to do in your Subaru?

In my first Subaru, I took a six week road trip across country. Hiked, biked, camped, and explored many new states. Being from the East Coast and having never been out West, it was a memorable road trip to say the least.

What’s your favorite picture of your car?

I feel like I am always drawn to the pictures where I’m carrying something on my car or am cruising a trail. It’s cool to see the car loaded with kayaks and SUPs.

Orange Crosstrek at a lake

Wrap Up

Thank you Steve for being in the Spotlight and sharing your Subie story with us! I love the orange Treks as well (so much that I made it the logo) and Julius looks great.

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