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Subie Adventures Newsletter - October 3, 2023

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Fall is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere, with most of us getting some relief from the heat and humidity (maybe not Texas, though, and I don’t know how they do it down there 🥵). Speaking of hot, here’s what’s coming up in your first newsletter of the month:

  • Adventurer Spotlight #16

  • Subaru Teases New WRX TR

  • Subie & YOU! Podcast Monthly Rewind

  • Quick Hit Items in the Wrap-Up

🔥 Adventurer Spotlight #16 with @endor_onyx

Adventurer Spotlight Header Image - Featuring Endor_Onyx

Welcome to the Adventurer Spotlight, an interview series with Adventurers from our newsletter about their life with their Subaru. Here, we learn more about the person behind the wheel and get inspired to embark on new adventures.

Before we get to this month’s feature, I’d like to thank Carey / @mtnsubi again for being in our previous Spotlight! Remember that all Spotlights are available on, so if you’ve just joined recently, you can read the previous features there. Now, here’s our newest!


Hey everyone, my name is Justyn and I’m the driver of @Endor_Onyx! I live on the West Coast on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Canada). During the day I’m a Director of Technology for an island-based non-profit that helps support entrepreneurs. In the evening I operate a consulting business and have recently started a new little venture! ;)

Owner/driver standing off to the side of his Subaru Ascent in rural setting

Which Subaru do you own? What do you like most about it?

I own a 2022 Subaru Ascent Onyx in Autumn Green. To be honest, I LOVE how capable this SUV is! Whether in the rain, snow, or dirt this Subie was meant to be off-road!

Subaru Ascent parked alongside mountain with jet contrails in the sky

Why did you choose a Subaru? How many have you owned?

First and foremost, we needed a vehicle that A) wasn’t a minivan and B) had enough seats for our family! We chose the Subaru Ascent because of the safety and reliability factors that come with owning a Subaru. Both my wife and I had always dreamed of owning a Subaru WRX growing up so this was the closest thing to that, that could still fit all of the kids! The one we have now is actually our 2nd Ascent as we originally had a white 2019 Ascent.

Have you made any modifications?

Performance-wise not yet, but the majority of the mods I’ve done have been functional. Originally I added a couple FNG 3 Intense Pod ditch lights from Vivid Lumen Industries, then I added some raptor-style lights in the grill, and shortly after came the 25” lightbar (also from Vivid Lumen Industries). Then I installed a switch panel to control everything from a single switch inside. Upgrading the lighting was important as we tend to stay out until dark on nearby trails and there are always deer and other critters to watch out for. Outside of these mods, I’ve recently added some slick-looking fender hash stripes from Accentrek Designs!

Close-up of Ascent headlight with water beads visible

What would you like to add to your setup?

I’d really like to add wheels and tires to my setup as it's the most practical thing I could do next considering we are out on the trails all year round. Other than that I’d really like to upgrade my roof rack system, maybe add an awning and some rack wings from Orbis Overlanding!

Favorite road trip? Or favorite thing to do in your Subaru?

We’ve only really done one major road trip in our Subie, driving from Vancouver Island, BC back home to Calgary, Alberta. As a family we mostly get out on different back road and forest service trails in our local area. We’re very fortunate that we only have to drive 5-10 minutes and we’re already off-road. It makes getting out on the weeknights that much easier!

Have a favorite picture of your car?

I’ve got a few but I think my current IG profile picture is a favorite right now!

Subaru Ascent on a road surrounded by trees in low light

Where would you like to travel to next with the Subie?

I’d love to travel south into the US and explore the PNW, maybe even get out to Colorado. I’d love to have a month off of work just to travel and see where I end up. Maybe one day when all my kids are older!

What, if anything, would you do differently, or change, about your Subie?

That’s a good question. I think if I had the ability, I would swap the transmission on my Ascent to a manual / 6-speed configuration! I really miss driving a manual and if the Ascent had this, it would be even funner to drive!

Thank you Justyn for being in the Spotlight and being our first Ascent to be featured!

Check out the photos below and be sure to follow Justyn (@endor_onyx) on Instagram for more adventures!

🖼️ Image Gallery

A green Subaru Ascent on a gravel road with a dog in the background
Subaru Ascent on a ridge with mountains in the background at sunset
Subaru Ascent at dusk with lights on
Subaru Ascent parked on a street next to a park
Subaru Ascent with lights on
Subaru Ascent in a parking lot with a majestic mountain in the background
Sideshot of Subaru Ascent with overcast skies
Subaru Ascent parked on gravel road with lights on
Subaru Ascent parked along a service road with mountains in the background
Subaru Ascent parked along a service road with mountains in the background
Owner standing on a tree stump in the mountains
Subaru Ascent on a snowy rural road
Subaru Ascent parked alongside road on overcast day
Close up shot of the front end of the Subaru Ascent with lights on
Ascent parked on gravel road with snow covered mountains in the background

📣 Subaru Teases New WRX TR

Image credit: Subaru

Subaru dropped a press release at the end of September teasing the debut of the 2024 WRX TR at Subiefest Florida. Subaru says it will be “sharper and more enthusiast-focused.” Hmmm… 🤔 Travis Pastrana, Subaru Motorsports USA, and Bucky Lasek will help with the reveal.

Subiefest Florida will wrap up this year’s Subiefest events, and takes place this Saturday, October 7, at Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida. For all the details and to get tickets for the event, hit up the Subiefest website.

🎧 Subie & YOU! Podcast Monthly Rewind

Here's a recap of last month's guests on the show:

Chris joined the show on this bonus segment to talk about getting the vendors into the Subiefest events and talked a bit about Subiefest Texas, and the remaining events for this year.

Ben, co-founder of Wild Tribute, joined Rafael on the podcast to talk about how Wild Tribute’s mission is honoring our parks, forests, and oceans and how the work they do with their partners and organizations they support are making a difference in the world.

At the first Subiefest Texas, Rafael talked to representatives from four retailers about the Subaru Love Promise: Five Star Subaru of Grapevine, Huffines Subaru Corinth, Ewing Subaru of Plano, and Sewell Subaru. He also shared a little of his personal experience at Subiefest Texas.

Kimberly was on this episode of the podcast and she talked about her Outback Wilderness, getting out with a group of people to explore the PNW, and how her Subaru and the community have changed her life.

Lyla joined the podcast to talk about her adventures and exploring with her kids, her move to purchasing a Subaru, and we learn a bit more about the driver behind the account.

Remember, you can subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast app, or listen online here. My thanks to Rafael for his ongoing support of the newsletter!

🎁 The Wrap-Up

🛞 Thinking about wheels and tires for your Crosstrek but unsure where to start? Here's an excellent post in r/XVCrosstrek on Reddit to help you figure it all out.

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