The Subaru Solterra’s Long Haul Challenge

If you're considering a Solterra, this is a must-listen.

Image credit: Subaru

On my tech-themed podcast, Basic AF, we were joined by Greg Battersby to discuss his new electric vehicle, the Subaru Solterra. This episode delves into the heart of mid-range electric vehicles' capabilities and challenges, highlighting the nuances of planning and executing a long journey in an EV. Greg’s California adventure from Orange County to the Bay Area becomes a compelling case study on the realities of today's electric vehicle technology.

The episode provides a candid exploration of the challenges faced by mid-range electric vehicles on extended trips, from the apprehension of range anxiety to the realities of managing battery life and charging strategies. Greg's experience becomes a compelling narrative about the practicalities of EV travel and the obstacles that still need to be overcome.

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